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Glass and fire insurance

included in every reservation

Cancellation insurance

Is optional. Can be booked during the booking procedure or by telephone until at the leatest 10 days after booking

Why you don’t want a cancellation insurance?

• I already have a cancellation insurance.
• I pay my trip with credit card. There is a cancellation insurance on my credit card
• I book a temporary cancellation insurance with another company
• I book last minute and am sure my stay will continue. If I can not come unexpectedly, I have lost the rent but I will get the gurantee back.

Consequences if you do not take out a cancellation insurance:

• As soon as you have paid the 50% deposit and you have to cancel, you must pay the FULL balance in addition to the deposit
• You can resell your stay to relatives, acquaintances or friends and thus recover your money. Those persons must stay at the same time and in the same holiday home.
• With the permission of the owner, you can move your stay to a different date but in the same holiday home, for the same or a longer period and for the same price. The owner is absolutely not obliged to allow this !!!

I have thought it over and want to book a cancellation insurance anyway:

• You can book a cancellation insurance by telephone or email for up to 10 days after reservation.
• If you book last minute (1 month or less before arrival) you must immediately book the cancellation insurance and pay the balance.

Cancellation policies