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How your stay proceeds in function of corona

How your stay proceeds in function of corona

How your stay proceeds in function of corona

Update 02/02/2021

What will change as a result of the Consultation Committee?

  • The maximum number of persons in a holiday accommodation is limited to family members living under the same roof.
  • Close contacts: limited to a maximum of 1 close per family member. A close contact is a contact closer than one and a half metres without a mouth mask.
  • Pubs, canteens and other beverage facilities: closed for minimum 1 month
  • Non-organised gatherings outside: maximum 4 persons, except for family members living under one roof.
  • Curfew from midnight until 5 in the morning.
  • NEW: Non-Belgian travellers are temporarly not allowd in Belgium from 27/01/2021 until 31/03/2021. We hope that the corona infections will drop soon so that we can welcome everyone again.

The 6 golden rules for individual behaviour remain in force:

  • The hygiene measures remain essential: wash your hands, don't give a hand or kiss when greeting.
  • Outside or inside? Where possible, always opt for outdoor activities. If you cannot, make sure that rooms are sufficiently ventilated. Do you see people at risk? Then be sure to take extra precautions.
  • The distance rules continue to apply, except for
    • people within the same family
    • children under 12 years
    • je close contacts
  • Can you not respect the safe distance? Then always wear a mouth mask.
  • Limit your physical contacts. Outside your family, you may have closer contact with 1 to 3 people.
  • When you come together, the group may not be larger than 4 people, excluding children up to 12 years of age. This applies indoors and outdoors.

Further measures are possible at local level. Please consult the website of our municipality/province.

Below is an overview of the new course of your holiday

The wearing of mouth masks remains mandatory in shops, in the shopping street and when it is crowded and the distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed. Depending on how busy it is, the mouth mask obligation will be extended. Check this on the website of the municipality of Koksijde.

Before arrival:

  • Please pay the balance in advance. This way you reduce the contact and also the queue at check-in. Surf to our website and check "my Immo Europe" account for the outstanding amount.
  • Bring your own pillows.

 The check-in:

  • Arrival before 3 p.m. is no longer possible!
  • We will do the check-in outside, weather permitting of course.  We ask that only 1 person stand in the queue when picking up the keys, this between 15h and 18h. Keep enough distance in the queue, wear a mouth mask and disinfect your hands at the check-in desk.
  • Each guest will receive an envelope with the disinfected keys and useful information. As well as a personal cleaning package. Please do not leave any of the items in this package in the house upon departure.
  • Bed linen and/or towels you ordered were washed and steamed at 90°. 
  • The cot and/or high chair you ordered are put in your holiday home and has been thoroughly disinfected (mattress and blanket are not supplied).
  • Arrival after 18h is by appointment and in extreme emergency and only when the balance has been paid.  The keys are then in a key safe and also take the envelope with your name on it.

The check-out:

  • Each holiday home is cleaned and disinfected by a cleaning company. This is the only way to guarantee each occupant a disinfected holiday home. The price of the final cleaning will be added to your reservation. Please pay this cost before arrival, via our online payment platform. 
  • We ask everyone to leave their holiday home on time, at 10am! If you plan to leave earlier, the evening before or before 9am, please let us know! This way, the cleaning companies can get to work faster. Thank you in advance.
  • Leave the holiday home broom clean (tidy, swept floors, cleaned kitchen appliances, free of food, garbage and recyclables).
  • Take the bag in which you received the linen full of dirty laundry back to the office. You can deposit it on the linen rack. You can leave the bag with dirty laundry in the holiday home f you have to leave before opening hours.
  • Put the keys of the holiday home in the bucket with disinfectant (counter).

We hope for everyone's cooperation, compliance and understanding for the restrictions imposed. But above all we look forward to welcoming you all to Koksijde.